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Badge Holders and Reels

Badge holders and retractable badge reels offer a convenient and affordable way to promote identification and security policy in the work environment or conference setting.  

Badge holders provide a transparent protection for Name Badges or Badge Holder Inserts. We carry several badge holders in stock with various sizes, orientations, accessories. You can pin them to your clothes or bag, wear them around your neck with a lanyard, clip them to your belt, or in the case of our Arm Badge Holders, you can wrap them about your upper arm for sporting events, security professions, and more. 

We also have environmentally friendly options such as our biodegradable PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) and Compostable Polypropylene Badge Holders are made from compostable plastic polymers. If you have a little extra time to plan, we also customize badge holders to display your message and logo, which add a nice touch.  If you need to transport several tags, we offer a convenient Badge Tote that fits up to 100 badge holders.

Our stock (no logo) and Printed Badge Reels are available in 6 colors and are great for easy access to your name badge. Custom colors are also available upon request. Popular uses for badge reels include employee identification, security access, and holding keys and personal items. We also offer a line of heavy duty Steel Badge Reels, which are rated for longer-term use of heavier items. Our Retractable Badge Reels are in stock and there is no minimum purchase, so we can ship them same day.

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