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If you are looking for a long lasting nametag that keeps its content after years of wear, then you should seriously consider our Plastic Engraved Nametags. We provide Logo Only Engraved, Logo and Text Engraved, No Logo Engraved, and Custom Shaped Engraved options in this style. We will help you find the right Plastic Engraved Nametag for you business. If you have questions regarding the options for this nametag, contact one of our professionals today!

Engravable Blank NametagsEngravable Blank NametagsLogo Only Engraved NametagsLogo Only Engraved Nametags$1.49 - $4.52Engraved Window BadgesEngraved Window Badges$2.81 - $5.86Logo and Text Engraved NametagsLogo and Text Engraved Nametags$1.77 - $5.52Custom Shaped Engraved Window BadgesCustom Shaped Engraved Window Badges$4.02 - $8.90
No Logo Engraved NametagsNo Logo Engraved Nametags$1.63 - $4.78Custom Shaped Engraved NametagsCustom Shaped Engraved Nametags$7.27 - $10.10Digitally Printed and EngravedDigitally Printed and Engraved$3.81 - $6.24Hot-Stamped Foil Nametags (Bulk)Hot-Stamped Foil Nametags (Bulk)$0.30 - $1.20Screen Printed NametagsScreen Printed Nametags$0.28 - $1.95

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Plastic Engraved Nametags

Laser engraved name tags offer a professional look for business settings such as legal, medical and financial institutions. Our high speed laser engraving machines utilize the latest motion control technology to capture every detail in your nametag with the finest quality and precision. The laser etches your logo and text into dual-color plastic resulting in bold and professional looking name tags.  Our selection of plastic colors allows you to design name badges that match your company colors, with over 30 colors to choose from, including the metallic looking gold and silver. Your custom engravable name tags can be up to 2 1/8” x 3 3/8” in size and you can select up to three lines of text in addition to your logo. There are no minimum orders for name tags, and we can usually ship them out the same day that you order them.

Whether for employee badges, nursing name badges, conference badges, or luggage tags, as the badge manufacturer, we ensure personally imprinted name tags to fit your needs.

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