Compostable Polypropylene Badge Holders

Minimum Qty: 1000
Sold in groups of 1000

Product Details

Product Category: Stock Badge Holders
Item Number: BH13593
Minimum Qty: 1000
Sales Quantity:Sold in Groups of 1000
Weight:0.0188 LB
Height:4 1 / 4"
Length:4 1 / 2"
Production Time:4 - 7 Business Days
Attributes:Approx insert size 3" x 4"
Pre-Production Sample Fee:Sold in Packs of 1000

Item Configuration

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Product Specifications: Compostable Polypropylene Badge Holders
Item #: BH13593
Attachment(s) Available: Slot
Sales Quantity: Sold in groups of 1000
Minimum Quantity: 1000
Less than Minimum Fee: 50% Upcharge per Badge Holder
Sample Price: Qualified Generic Samples are Free
Average Production Time: 4 - 7 Business Days
Product Material: Compostable Polypropylene
Imprint Area: Not Designed for Printing
Outer Dimensions: 4 1/4" x 4 1/2"
Product Weight: 16 LB
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Recommended Uses: To protect and shield name badges, badge inserts, and more
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Product Durability: 10+ years if properly cared for (Compostable Polypropylene can compost in appx. 30-45 days under commercial composting conditions, but make take longer to compost at a home environment)
Care Instructions: Badge Holders are particularly sensitive to heat, especially above 80 degrees Farenheit. To prevent the product from curling, we recommend laying your Badge Holders flat when storing and placing them in a moisture-free environment at room temperature.

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